Video Case Study: Showcase 3D FE Modeling of a Large Waste Disposal Site

Video Case Study
  • Case Study
  • September 13, 2018
Software: PLAXIS 3D 2013

Location: Vienna, Austria

Company: Baugrund Wien

The city of Vienna is the operator of Austria’s largest waste disposal site Rautenweg, which is enclosed by a sealing wall system consisting of chambers to protect the surrounding groundwater. The outer surface of the deposit is characterized by dams made of concrete, ash, and scoria, which guarantee the stability of the waste body.
The operation of the waste disposal site shall be continued in the future, which will require a heightening up to 45 meters above ground level. This renders necessary the prognosis of displacements of the sealing system caused by the heightening of the waste body, which was not projected originally. A realistic prediction, especially in the case of the corners of the sealing system requires 3-dimensional considerations, i.e. 3D finite element analyses (FEA). This is the only means to realistically assess the functionality of the system after the heightening of the waste body and if deformations of the sealing system exceed allowable tolerances.
    • PLAXIS 3D Basic - Showcase 3D FE modelling of a large waste disposal site