Video Case Study: Adaptation of a Paris Metro Station

Video Case Study
  • Case Study
  • September 13, 2018

Software: PLAXIS 3D AE

Location: Paris, France

Company: Terrasol

The project involves creating two new accesses to the existing station “Mairie des Lilas” on Line 11 of the Paris metro.

Originally commissioned in 1937, the station was excavated in underground with a cover of about 17 meters under the street “Boulevard de la Liberté” and anchored with piles. Line 11 will be extended and transition from four to five car metros so new accesses must be created. TERRASOL was solicited by RATP for the realization of the Geotechnical Study Design.

The work concerns the realization of shafts from the surface, from which underground tunnels will be excavated to intersect existing structures (tickets room, halls, underground station) and create additional exits.

Two PLAXIS 3D models were created to simulate the construction of the principal and secondary access to assess the effects on structures and roads at the surface level as well as the existing underground structures.

    • PLAXIS 3D Basic- Showcase Adaptation of a Paris metro station