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As we approach 2024, our goal is to enhance the web experience to make it as delightful as possible for our users.



"I love the submenu under the software category pages! This saves time when you jump on a page and want to get straight to Resources or something more specific."

New Cloud hosting solution


Server Located in Singapore

Server Located U.S. West Coast

Server Located U.S. East Coast


Dollars Saved by Switching to wordPress

By strategically transitioning to an open-source CMS platform, reinforcing our internal support infrastructure, phasing out old servers, and optimizing external vendor support, we have not only realized substantial cost reductions but also notably enhanced our operational efficiency.

In the past year, we successfully handled 335 Workfront requests internally and managed 16 sites, showcasing our improved capabilities.

Website uptime
0 %

Using WPEngine’s global hosting services, our website’s uptime has consistently met our SLA agreements, achieving a remarkable 99.9999% reliability.

Technical web performance
0 %

Our new website has experienced a significant uptick in terms of page speed and performance, achieving a 43% increase in overall web vital performance.

Mobile Responsiveness
0 %

On the prior Sitecore platform, lacked mobile-friendliness and posed usability challenges on various mobile devices. WordPress resolved these challenges. 

Deployment Time



0 100%

The team can deploy pages 60% faster thanks to the ease and adaptability of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

Google Page rankings

Since the launch of the new site, we have achieved first-page rankings on Google for 446 additional keywords.

Increased User Engagement
1 %

Over the past year, the duration of focused time spent on our web pages by our users has grown by 24%.

“… the new site loads much faster, the mouse over action is smooth and makes it very easy to navigate through the drop downs – especially under the Software menu which is an extensive list of brands. Now it’s easier to browse through than before!”

Try our new Software Advisor

Helping Users Find Software That Fits Their Needs

In just one month of beta-testing, 244 users completed the Software Advisor workflow and 91 users visited the recommended software page.

Beta Testing Software Advisor For: 

The Software Advisor will be available for additional product lines soon.

The Tools that
make the
Magic happen

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Analytics Across 52+ Web Properties

GA4 empowers us to better understand what are users are consuming and how to better direct them to key areas of our websites.

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Web Accessibility. Solved.

UserWay’s solutions make WCAG & ADA compliance easier to deliver across our websites.


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Visual Website Optimizer

A popular web optimization and A/B testing platform that we are now using on to improve web performance. 


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A (UX) Research Platform

Helps us understand how users interact with our websites and other digital interfaces, with the goal of improving usability and overall user satisfaction.


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Translation and Language Services

Designed to assist in expanding our global reach by making it easier to translate and adapt content for our global audiences.


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Online Form Builder and Data Collection Tool

Used for tasks such as collecting customer feedback, conducting surveys, processing job applications, accepting online payments, and more.


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Improving Onsite SEO

A powerful and flexible site crawler, that allows us to analyze results in real-time.


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Ultimate Visibility And Enhanced Troubleshooting

Helps deliver exceptional customer experience with real-time, actionable insights into uptime and performance of


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Web Analytics Tool

A visual tool that provides insights into user behavior by recording and analyzing visitor sessions on our website.


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A Virtual Testing Environment

Enables Bentley to check the compatibility and functionality of our web projects across various browser versions, operating systems, and mobile devices.


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Powering our Software Advisor tool, it allows users to input precise information pertaining to their professional domain, enabling them to identify the most suitable software solutions for their projects.


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Live Chat Software

Designed to help our SDR team engage with our users and website visitors.

Utilizing Data to

Make better decisions

Increased content consumption from organic channels.

With the migration from SiteCore, we improved our on-page content and design to enhance user experience. This is evident in the increased page views from organic channels. These channels are unpaid and help us reach current and new users worldwide, including those who have never heard of Bentley Systems.

Organic Search
0 %

Organic Search by Page Views

Top 20 newly ranking first page keywords

Using improved content to increase our non-brand search visibility

With our improved site content we are able to reach a new audience that does not know Bentley Systems. This helps reach new users from a wide range of industries.

Software Page Views
0 %
  • 1

    Railroad software
  • 2

    autoCAD drafting software
  • 3

    model reality
  • 4

    planner software
  • 5

    model software
  • 6

    4D projects
  • 7

  • 8

    Singapore digital twin
  • 9

    tower software
  • 10

    fiber mapping software
  • 11

    culvert design
  • 12

    3D point cloud software
  • 13

    3D steel modeling
  • 14

    rail tracking software
  • 15

    cloud subscription services
  • 16

    digital twin as a service
  • 17

    design analysis software
  • 18

    bridge analysis
  • 19

    hydraulics vs hydrology
  • 20

    wastewater modeling software

Top Buy Now Clicks on Software pages

Leveraging Data for Enhanced Website Success

By incorporating heatmaps, conducting usability testing, and implementing A/B testing, we have successfully revamped our webpages and optimized critical calls to action, like “Buy Now,” to enhance user engagement.

Buy Now Clicks
0 %

Experience in

11 different languages

…the drop-down menus are uncluttered, so when I go to Support from the home page, I can easily select Training from the options, and from there get to Bentley Learn etc. without hunting around.” is

ADA Compliant adheres to A and AA compliance standards to cater to the diverse requirements of our users.

Tailoring Made Easy

All users have the ability to adjust according to their specific needs.

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Thank you!

Thank you to all the Bentley colleagues who contributed to the successful launch of and continue to collaborate with us to enhance the website for an exceptional user experience. Your contributions and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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