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Digital Currency Geotechnical Edition, July 2023

Geotechnical insights and news to accelerate your work.

Welcome to Digital Currency, the Geotechnical edition, a monthly curation of helpful insights, product information, and industry news helping to keep you informed and advance your work. We have officially transitioned to a new communication platform and therefore you may notice some differences to the newsletter this month. Please be assured that this is a legitimate Bentley communication. 


Case Study: The Dallas Cowboys Stadium Design Challenge Remastered in PLAXIS

Home to the world-renowned football team the Dallas Cowboys, this iconic, modern-day coliseum is both an architectural and a geotechnical marvel. Initially, the review team used classical methods to meet the tight 0.5-inch maximum deflection arch foundation design criteria. When their design challenge was later re-examined with PLAXIS, accurate results were achieved in a fraction of the time.

Ask Bentley Anything

Stay Current While Meeting Your Client And Business Needs.

In this month's Ask Bentley Anything, Chief Innovation Officer Claire Rutkowski answers your questions about how to stay current in an ever-changing industry, while meeting both your business and client needs.
Connecting Data and Geotechnical Teams

Webinar: Connecting Data and Geotechnical Teams

Companies face numerous challenges managing their geotechnical data on desktop systems. Discover how Arcadis has overcome these by adopting a cloud-based platform.
Success Talks: Get the Most

Success Talks: Get the Most Value from Your SELECT Agreement

In this session, you’ll learn about the benefits of the SELECT Agreement. Topics covered include the Bentley LearnServer, accreditation programs, and Bentley Communities. 
iTwin Products

Last year at YII 2022, Bentley Systems committed to delivering new capabilities within the iTwin Platform to significantly extend the scope and interoperability of infrastructure data used by asset owners and engineering service firms to create and leverage digital twins within design, construction, and operational workflows.  

We have expanded on the scope of iTwin with three products—iTwin Experience, iTwin Capture, and iTwin IoT—and two industry solutions (Bridge Monitoring and Dam Monitoring).  

To learn more about how asset owners and engineering services firms can use these products and solutions to bring together data in infrastructure digital twins above and below ground, unlock productivity and efficiency gains for asset health monitoring, and create new offerings beyond handover into operations, click the links above.   


Improve Your Software Skills and Proficiency

Enhanced Slope Stability
Enhanced Slope Stability Analysis with SLOPE3D

Coffee Corner: PLAXIS Tips and Tricks
Coffee Corner:
PLAXIS Tips and Tricks



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