• LAB Architecture Studio with SIADR

    Wujin Council Offices

    Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Project Summary

The Wujin Council Building incorporates a five-star hotel that includes full conference and meeting resources and a range of restaurant and support facilities. The building’s future owners, West Taihu Lake Ecological Leisure Area Management Committee, wanted a design that would also allow them to secure a coveted Chinese green building two star (equivalent to Australian five star) energy rating. This meant that the design had to result in a building that could act in response to its solar orientation.

Using Bentley software, LAB Architecture Studio and Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research developed an integrated, sustainable design strategy, including a self-shading form that in conjunction with horizontal sun shading and a variable façade panel system, significantly reduces the façade’s peak heat loading. Internally, natural ventilation increases the indoor environmental quality. Programmed zones and atrium spaces within the building created warm and cool zones that increase energy efficiency.

Using parametric modeling the designers developed an optimal building form and panelization solution to ease construction and increase efficiency. The design process supported by Bentley software saved time and money, enabled better communication between parties across multiple time zones and locations, and supported high-quality exports for visualizations. .

Using GenerativeComponents, MicroStation, and MicroStation PowerDraft, the designers adjusted, evaluated and optimized the building’s solar performance much faster than if they were using conventional building analysis tools. The interoperability of Bentley software enabled the documentation team to begin the final documentation process well before the final optimized building design was completed, which enabled significant cost and time savings.
  • Designers adjusted, evaluated, and optimized the building’s solar performance in a very short time frame that couldn’t be matched using traditional software.
  • Using parametric modeling functions, the team developed an innovative paneling solution that eased construction, saved time and money, and increased efficiency. Cost savings were redirected to improve the overall quality of the design.
  • The new building design should allow the building’s owners to secure a coveted Chinese green building two star energy rating.
User Quotes:
  • “The use of Bentley Software has greatly enhanced our office’s documentation processes.”

    Sam Kashuk LAB Architecture Studio
  • “The use of Bentley software in this project, in particular GenerativeComponents, has enabled complex geometry to be evaluated, interrogated, and documented inside a timeframe that would have not be considered possible using existing techniques or alternative software packages.”

    Tim Fowler LAB Architecture Studio