• E&R Engineering Consultants, JSC

    Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway Project

    Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and Dong Nai Provinces, Vietnam

Project Summary


One of 16 expressways included in Vietnam’s Eastern North-South Expressway Development Plan for 2020, the 58-kilometer Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway will pass through the Long An and Dong Nai provinces, and Ho Chi Minh City. This USD 1.6 billion project includes 22 bridges comprising 23 kilometers of the expressway, with the longest bridge section spanning 16 kilometers. To accommodate the trapezoidal shape of the main bridge section, a river depth of 22 meters, and a navigation clearance of 55 meters above water while considering vessel collision force for the numerous bridge foundations, E&R Engineering (E&R) needed accurate, interoperable bridge design and analysis software.


E&R used RM Bridge to model and analyze the complex bridge components, including cable-stayed and cantilever structures. Based on the analysis of the critical loads for the cable-stayed bridges, E&R used an octagonal design for the main pier columns with partial pre-stressed concrete to absorb vessel collision forces. Using RM Bridge to simulate all data and streamline analysis allowed E&R to optimize design and construction, ensuring the structural integrity of the expressway.


Bentley RM Bridge provided a collaborative information modeling environment to streamline and optimize design and decision making, enhancing ROI by minimizing materials and construction costs. The information mobility and interoperability of RM Bridge reduced time analyzing the bridge structures. Upon completion, the Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway will reduce traffic congestion in Ho Chi Minh City and foster economic development in the southwest region by connecting western provinces with the beach, sea ports, and industrial zones.


E&R used RM Bridge for 2D and 3D modeling to analyze the cable-stayed bridge structures, incorporating data from AutoCAD and Excel for accurate simulation. The structural modeling was used to assess load capacity and estimate pre-camber control during construction. Using RM Bridge to calculate aerodynamic factors eliminated the need for wind tunnel testing in the preliminary design. Bentley bridge applications streamlined data sharing with other software and facilitated information mobility allowing E&R to optimize the design and lower construction costs.

  • With 22 bridges spanning a total of 23 kilometers, the 58-kilometer Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway is Vietnam’s largest scale transportation project designed to improve traffic flow and foster economic development in the Long An and Dong Nai provinces and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • RM Bridge allowed E&R to design the complex-shaped bridge components to accommodate the river depth of 22 meters, navigation clearance of 55 meters above water, and vessel collision forces up to 30,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT).
  • Using RM Bridge for modeling and analysis on this USD 1.6 million project, E&R optimized design to reduce material and construction costs.
  • "By exchanging data between AutoCAD and Excel with RM Bridge, we can shorten time analyzing bridge structures.”

    Nguyen Van Lam Bridge and Tunnel Engineer E&R Engineering Consultants