• Dubai Municipality

    Inshaat – Utilities Management System

    Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Summary


The AED 10 million project required the team to create a digital utilities management system to minimize project management time and optimize network validation for Dubai’s utility construction projects. The new automated system had to support and understand utility CAD standards and engineering rules for drainage, sewerage, and irrigation networks, and integrate with the Dubai’s master municipal network. To meet these challenges and optimize information mobility among stakeholders, staff, and engineers, the project team needed flexible, interoperable software.


The project team relied on Bentley software as its backbone to design the system, known as Inshaat. MicroStation, Bentley Map, and gINT allowed the team to design Inshaat so it automatically checks CAD standards and utility network engineering rules. The system then converts and integrates the drawings with the master municipal network, optimizing information mobility and ensuring an efficient workflow process.


The design and implementation of Inshaat automated the process for Dubai’s utility construction projects, reducing engineering time to validate project drawings by 95 percent, and paper usage by 95 percent. Having a digital system integrated with Dubai’s master municipal network minimized the need for consultants to travel to Dubai Municipality saving 90 percent in gas usage and reducing the carbon footprint.


Dubai Municipality used MicroStation, Bentley Map, and gINT to automate utility construction projects with the creation of Inshaat. Using Bentley software as the foundation for Inshaat, consultants can submit all project drawings, engineering files, and related files through the system’s web interface. Engineers, management, and other stakeholders can now access drainage, sewerage, and irrigation network information with a single click. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software facilitated process automation and enhanced information mobility for Dubai’s utility construction projects.

  • Dubai Municipality used Bentley software to implement a digital process to manage utility construction projects that minimized project management time and optimized utility network validation.
  • Known as Inshaat, the newly automated, AED 10 million system reduced engineering time and paper usage, each by 95 percent, enabling a more efficient workflow process.
  • The flexibility and interoperability of MicroStation, Bentley Map, and gINT software facilitated information mobility on utility construction projects, minimizing the need for consultants to visit Dubai Municipality, resulting in a 90 percent reduction in gas usage.
  • “Bentley is a perfect solution for utilities automation.”

    Dr. Prerepa Padmanabham Dubai Municipality