Dholera SIR

    Dholera, Gujarat, India

Project Summary


As part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Development Corporation’s new cities infrastructure program to transform India’s manufacturing and service base, AECOM was retained to manage the design and construction of a 22.54-square-kilometer area of the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) in Gujarat. To optimize engineering of the smart city’s transportation and utility networks, manage federated i-models and GIS information, and create information management and exchange strategies for the lifecycle of the project, AECOM needed flexible and interoperable design, analysis, and collaboration software.


AECOM used Bentley’s integrated design and analysis software to facilitate quick and accurate design and decision making for road, water, and sewer network planning for the city’s widespread area. Extracting 3D i-models and GIS information for DSIR’s water, sewer, and storm network from Bentley Haestad software enabled AECOM to visualize the water system and coordinate space planning for the utility infrastructure. Using Bentley Navigator and MicroStation provided the collaborative environment necessary for AECOM to manage the federated models while ProjectWise served as the common platform for information sharing.


Using Bentley applications increased productivity for all project stakeholders. Having standardized software platforms to design the roads, rail, and utility networks integrated the design process, facilitated 3D compatibility, and enhanced data integrity, reducing project time and cost, while minimizing risk. Working with a coordinated model in a collaborative environment made it easier to identify potential issues and enabled faster iteration with engineering certainty. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley’s modeling and collaboration tools enabled AECOM to effectively and efficiently manage the infrastructure development for the entire smart city expected to significantly impact India’s economy.


AECOM used Bentley software to manage federated BIM i-models and GIS information, and create information management and exchange strategies, for the transportation and utility networks throughout the project lifecycle, and operation and maintenance of the smart city. Using Bentley Navigator, Bentley Map, Bentley Rail Track, InRoads, MXROAD, MicroStation, OpenRoads, OpenUtilities, ProjectWise, STAAD, WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS, StormCAD, and PowerCivil for all designs, with ProjectWise as a common platform, facilitated and accelerated accurate design, analysis, and information sharing.

  • AECOM used Bentley’s modeling, analysis, and collaboration software to effectively and efficiently manage the infrastructure design and development for India’s first smart city, mitigating risk, reducing project delivery time, and minimizing costs.
  • Bentley’s flexible and interoperable software enabled consultants to work in standardized platforms designing roads, rail, and utility networks, eliminating potential for clashes, and optimizing design modification and decision-making processes.
  • Using Bentley’s integrated tools to create and export models and geospatial data directly from engineering analysis software eliminated the need to create 3D models of the infrastructure networks manually, enabling faster iteration with engineering certainty.