With the MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13, you can speed and simplify the task of migrating your standards for use in CONNECT Edition. Now, it’s easy to shorten the learning curve while adding powerful new capabilities for managing digital components and improving the realism of your visualizations. We have included some great features in the latest version.

Better manage digital components with Components Center integration

You can now use Components Center, a cloud-based digital component library and catalog management service, to manage, access, and share your organization's component libraries across project teams and applications directly from within MicroStation.

OpenBuilding Station Designer portal
Easily search for and place components directly in-application.

Simplify the learning curve with V8i Task Theme

Now, you can use the V8i Task Theme in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. Quickly access capabilities using a familiar interface while becoming proficient in using the CONNECT Edition ribbon interface.

MicroStation Task interface
Enabling the V8i task interface in CONNECT Edition.

Improve visualization realism with physically based rendering materials

MicroStation now supports physically based rendering (PBR). Accurately represent a material's surface based on its interactions with light.

PBR parking lot
PBR materials add depth and brilliance to your visualizations.

Simplify migrating standards with Configuration Assistant

Configuration Assistant now helps facilitate your upgrade to MicroStation CONNECT Edition. Simplify the migration of legacy workspaces to CONNECT Edition Configurations.

Configuration Assistant
Configuration Assistant makes easy to upgrade workspaces

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