• OpenTower Mount Analysis

    Communication tower software

Analysis Software for Communication Towers

Save time with realistic 3D graphics, easily accessible antenna and mount databases, and a wind load generator for the most economical designs. OpenTower Mount Analysis offers a vast library of antennas and pre-built mounts such as sector frames, platforms, and T-arms to eliminate the need to model these from scratch. The wind load generator automatically applies wind at intervals around the mount for quick and thorough analysis.

OpenTower Mount Analysis is an add-on module to OpenTower Designer.
    • Capture-Discrete Loading Open Tower
    • Capture_Split Pipe Graphical Representation
    • Capture-Discrete Loading Open Tower
    • OpenTower
    • Capture_Split Pipe Graphical Representation
  • Analyze communication tower mounts

    • Perform analysis on communication tower mounts with purpose-built software. Generate sector frames, platforms, T-arms and more leveraging a vast library of mounts. Auto-generate load and load combinations.
  • Design in accordance to standards

    • Design your communication tower mounts in accordance to TIA-222-H and leverage shape databases for US, UK, Europe, India, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and South Africa.
  • View and create reports and realistic visualizations

    • Graphically display antennas/TME’s and choose to view model in “stick view” or rendered view with a single click. Generate mount-specific reports with discrete appurtenance tables, appurtenance force tables, mount reaction tables, pass/fail checks and even include critical mount images in reports.
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