Comprehensive Geotechnical Application

2D/3D Coupled Geotechnical Analysis Suite


When tackling complicated geotechnical problems, sound computational procedures and trusted expertise are required.  Advance your digital workflows with the ability to design 3D geometry, couple processes, and analyze both 2D and 3D scenarios in one application.

SoilVision Suite enables you to reliably identify and analyze slope stability, flow, and environmental processes in hundreds of locations with one click with features like multi-plane analysis (MPA). You can also perform thousands of calculations with methods like probability and sensitivity. Start with extensive data import options to build comprehensive 3D digital designs and move through your workflow with multiple analysis methods, all done within SoilVision’s interoperable applications. Discover how you can save time and money with unprecedented abilities to quickly and confidently create common or complex real-world 3D numerical models.


  • 2D/3D integrated analysis

    • Bring together powerful 2D/3D integrated geotechnical capabilities with a slope stability focus. Enhance 2D or 3D limit equilibrium slope stability analysis with related unsaturated seepage groundwater flow estimation or stress analysis. Model slope stability with the finite element shear strength reduction method and perform small or large strain consolidation analysis.
  • 3D geometry creation

    • Build 3D conceptual models in an application that supports the building of slope stability, seepage, and stress/deformation models. Move quickly to 3D with multiple methods of 3D geometry creation and couple 2D and 3D analysis for an improved modeling workflow. Geometry creation methods include extrusion, multi-profile stitching, boreholes, fence diagrams, surface and layers, material volumes, and block models.
  • Advanced slope stability methods

    • Benefit from multi-plane analysis (MPA), which offers enhanced spatial slope stability analysis. Utilize the hybrid ellipsoid feature for more variation in the shape of the assumed slip surface and take advantage of the comprehensive set of search methods. Save time with automatic sliding direction determination, probability analysis, and sensitivity analysis. Consider seismic, deformation, climate, and pore-water pressure change effects.
  • Enhanced infrastructure analysis

    • Using both SVSLOPE and SVDESIGNER will assist in enhanced analysis of retaining walls. Advance infrastructure projects with this multi-discipline application and quickly and easily design bridge abutments, corridors, excavations, foundations, railway embankments, retaining walls, and road cuts/shoulders.