• OpenWindPower

    Pioneering Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind Structural Analysis and Design Software

Explore design alternatives for safe, cost-effective fixed and floating wind farm structures. Save time with automated capabilities for determining environmental and mechanical loading response for fixed foundations. Streamline workflows on floating platforms by quickly determining hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, and structural loading. Improve the design process for both fixed and floating structural models thanks to advanced interoperability features.
  • SACS Wind Turbine
    설계 옵션을 탐색하고 거동을 이해하며 해양 풍력 발전 단지 플랫폼의 구조 성능을 정확하게 예측합니다.
  • OpenWindPower Floating Platform
    Explore design options, understand behavior, and accurately predict structural performance of offshore floating wind farm platforms.