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    Design, visualize, and communicate digital cities

City-scale Digital Twin Planning and Visualization Software

Cities are actively progressing their digitalization, with several initiatives in place to reach that goal. Growing populations have driven cities to develop new urban areas, improve resiliency, and increase capacity. Cities need to better inform their citizenry, and getting them more involved in the urban planning process is key to quick adoption of proposed changes.

City planning without the right communication platform can be a frustrating process and results in costly delays and misunderstandings.

OpenCities Planner is the ideal solution for creating design options, communicating city plans, and engaging with stakeholders and the public. OpenCities Planner provides cities with digital twins for project planning and collaborative web-based 3D visualization.

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    OpenCities Planner
    도시 규모의 디지털 트윈에서 2D, 3D 및 GIS 데이터를 시각화할 수 있는 클라우드 기반 서비스를 통해 계획, 설계 및 전달하십시오.