Conduct advanced predictive analytics with
data science and machine learning

The flexibility and low cost of sensor technology leads to data growth, and the Industrial Internet of Things provides greater accessibility to data. This influx and availability of data requires technology and computing power to translate the data and provide insight into future outcomes.
Machine learning and advanced analytics, powered by Microsoft Azure and innovations from the Bentley Institute, respectively, extend the analytical power already within AssetWise, This capability allows you to see patterns in your data that you previously did not know existed.

Machine learning can help you extend your current analytics capabilities by doing it better, faster, and smarter. Using algorithmic and data modeling techniques, machine learning can identify patterns and trends in your data without being explicitly programmed, giving you time to be more proactive regarding equipment failure and maintenance strategies, among other things.

Using a variety of techniques to build models, machine learning will allow you to significantly reduce costs across capital and operational spend with reliable forecasts based on future predicted performance, as well as plan your outages and maintenance periods to ensure business continuity. Its flexibility means that it can be applied across a range of assets to streamline your business.


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