Digital Twin Technologies for
Intelligent Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Management

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Make Network Data Valuable—For the Entire Lifecycle

Expanding permutations of flow and instrument readings should never hinder a utility’s ability to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable water. Every day, you need to make the right decisions with quantitative network information, but solving all those equations can feel like an insurmountable task.

Experience a better way to accurately mirror and simulate current water-system conditions and performance—so that you can deliver better quality-of-life outcomes for your customers.

OpenFlows digital twins make it easy.

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Starting your digital twin workflow is simple with the help of OpenFlows WaterGEMS/SewerGEMS model-building capabilities. Build and calibrate your hydraulic model, leveraging existing network information, and then hand off to operations for consumption.



Extend the capabilities of SCADA with your newly calibrated hydraulic model. Incorporating OpenFlows WaterOPS/SewerOPS, compute live network conditions to achieve target optimization for events associated with pressure, pump outage, fire, leakage, energy allocation, and water quality and demand management.



Make smarter decisions every day by forecasting overall network performance. Manage pumps and storage more effectively to save energy while cutting operational costs, plan ahead for scheduled maintenance, and react to unplanned outages and emergencies with greater confidence.

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Read "The Digital Utility: Exposing Dark Data within our Buried Infrastructure," featuring excerpts from Bentley's Gregg Herrin, Senior Director, Water Infrastructure.

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Hear Senior Product Manager Ari Opdahl share the inspiration behind Bentley's OpenFlows digital twin product offerings.

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  • Instantly determine how to move water from where it is to where you want it to be

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