Are You Ready to Meet the New Bridge Inspection Standards?

Narinder Manku, AssetWise Road and Rail Solution Marketing Manager
  • Article
  • January 15, 2021

As a DOT official, you have faced several challenges this year due to COVID-19, from reduced revenues to managing how to get employees safely back to work. Adjusting your existing inspection systems to comply with FHWA’s upcoming Specifications for the National Bridge Inventory (SNBI) is another challenge for NBIS bridge owners who already have to utilize constrained resources to monitor, maintain, and repair bridges to provide a safe and efficient infrastructure for the traveling public.

The good news is that there is a solution available to help you remain compliant with NBIS standards throughout this transition. Bentley’s AssetWise provides an out-of-the-box, commercial off-the-shelf solution pre-configured with everything you need to perform NBI data collection, including web and mobile forms and output reports in PDF. Also included are full NBE, BME, and ADE support. The offline mobile collector app allows inspectors to streamline inspections in the field to make the most of their valuable time. No doubt you are asking yourself:

  • Could this solution be up and running soon enough for your inspection program to remain compliant?
  • Will it be cost-effective for you? What will the cost be to upgrade from your current system?
  • How will the change in work processes affect you and your team?

If you are already an AssetWise Inspections user, these capabilities are available to you at no additional cost. We can automatically populate the new SNBI fields with your existing data in days instead of weeks. There are no implementation costs, and all of our users are eligible for migration.

If you’re not already using Bentley’s AssetWise Inspection Software, you can still benefit from the approach we’re taking for the new specifications. We can easily migrate your data into AssetWise, including asset and historical inspection data, allowing you to take full advantage of these out-of-the-box configurations with no further configurations necessary. This provides you with a low total cost of ownership.

AssetWise is a secure web-based solution safely hosted in Microsoft Azure with no software to install, and allows your employees to access the software from anywhere at anytime, even when working from home. The software is updated automatically, which means you don’t have to spend time or manpower on updates. And our mobile app is included at no charge for both Android and iOS devices, which allows your inspectors to spend more time in the field and less time writing reports in the office.