• Henan Electric Power Survey and Design Institute

    Henan 500-kilovolt Power Grid 3D Digitized and Integrated Operations Platform

    Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

Project Summary

The USD 4.2 million project required Henan Electric Power Survey and Design Institute to implement an integrated application for multiple disciplines from planning and design, to emergency and dispatch that would optimize operation and management throughout the lifecycle of the power grid. To meet these demands, the Institute needed a unified, accurate 3D representation for power grid equipment that could streamline large amounts of data and information in different operational phases, and facilitate effective collaboration among hundreds of workers and power companies.

Using Bentley 3D design and engineering software, Henan Electric Power Survey and Design Institute developed an integrated digital platform for the power grid equipment, incorporating over 2000 electrical, building, and structural models, and their associated information and data. The accurate, comprehensive 3D representation and geographic information system allowed the Institute to simulate actual grid operations for efficient lifecycle management. ProjectWise enabled effective collaboration among Henan departments and allied power companies, critical to the success of this interdisciplinary project.

Since its commissioning, the USD 4.2 million integrated power grid platform has maintained excellent operation status and timely data updates, enhancing company production and overall quality of power supply. Applying Bentley 3D design software greatly reduced equipment modeling time and repeat loading of multi-source data using the equipment model as the carrier, and is expected to save about one year on the total project. The accurate modeling capabilities and interoperability of Bentley software allowed for more efficient personnel allocation and avoided significant rework, resulting in reduction of labor costs and a savings of over USD 320,000 in project development costs.

The Institute used MicroStation, Bentley Substation, GEOPAK, and PlantSpace to build an integrated model of the power grid, incorporating data for 26 transformer substations, 96 transmission lines totaling more than 7,000 kilometers in length, and associated buildings and equipment. Using 3D visualization functions and real-time sharing, the team created a virtual simulation network that accurately reflected all types of electrical facilities and the provincial geological environment for optimal operation, management, and maintenance of the power grid throughout its lifecycle. ProjectWise enabled effective collaboration among about 200 people and allied power companies, and efficient management of thousands of documents in various file formats.
  • Implementing Bentley software to complete this USD 4.2 million interdisciplinary project the Institute saved over USD 320,000 in costs and expects to save about one year in modeling time.
  • Using Bentley’s modeling and engineering management solutions enabled the Institute to maintain excellent operation status and timely data updates for the power grid equipment, and ensure effective collaboration among multiple organizations for efficient lifecycle management.
  • With Bentley’s highly efficient modeling software Henan Electric Power Survey and Design Institute established a digitally based integration of multidisciplinary equipment, data and procedures resulting in a premiere, optimal, virtual simulation environment, enhancing the quality of power supply service.