• CH2M Fairhurst JV

    A9 Dualling - Glen Garry to Dalraddy

    Dalwhinnie, Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom

Project Summary

As part of Scotland’s A9 Dualling program to upgrade 177 kilometers of single to dual carriageway road, CH2M Fairhurst JV (CFJV) was appointed to carry out engineering, environmental assessment, and design work for the 43-kilometer central section between Glen Garry and Kincraig. It also provided BIM management provisions to meet the client’s mandated BIM Level 2 deliverables. Faced with environmental and site constraints, a demanding schedule, and data exchange challenges, the 400-member, multidiscipline project team needed flexible, interoperable design and project management software.

Fundamental to the BIM strategy was the implementation of a single data source and integrated workflow, via a common data environment (CDE) using ProjectWise. The team used OpenRoads and OpenBridge Modeler to generate data-rich 3D models, using inbuilt parametric modeling capabilities to create dynamic links and enable the production of a robust, well-coordinated design. Using ProjectWise as the CDE and leveraging Bentley’s iModel format optimized collaboration across the team and with the client. Bentley’s reality modeling applications facilitated the environmental assessment while at the same time minimizing impact on the sensitive landscape.

Using OpenRoads enabled CFJV to reduce design time for the 24 T-junctions and seven lay-bys by 75 and 70 percent respectively and accelerated the geometric modeling time spent on the 70 culverts by 95 percent. Using ProjectWise as the project’s CDE enabled the team to store, manage, and share project materials, facilitating accurate sharing and real-time access to data for all team members. It also eliminated data ambiguity and helped assure consistency and information quality. Bentley’s ContextCapture eliminated site visits to save travel costs while LumenRT provided landscape architects and stakeholders a better understanding of design intent, leading to more informed decision making and minimizing the project’s negative environmental impact. Upon completion, the new dual A9 roadway will shorten travel time, reduce accidents, improve access to public transportation, and promote economic growth, while preserving the region’s natural heritage.

CFJV generated a multidisciplinary 3D design model using Bentley’s integrated design, modeling, and visualization capabilities, which allowed the team to work collaboratively and in accordance with BIM Level 2 standards and processes. Among the many benefits realized, OpenRoads facilitated material quantity takeoffs for more accurate cost estimates and Navigator enabled clash analysis to resolve conflicts between design elements prior to construction. CFJV generated fully interactive live cubes with LumenRT, enhancing stakeholder communication and understanding through visualizations of the proposed designs. Working in a CDE with flexible, interoperable technology promoted design automation, optimized optioneering, and enhanced decision making to meet the client’s requirements efficiently and effectively.

Project Playbook: OpenRoads, OpenBridge Modeler, ContextCapture, LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, ProjectWise

  • CFJV’s collaborative design approach using Bentley technology and application of Level 2 BIM standards within its CDE, optimized delivery of this 43-kilometer section of Scotland’s A9 Dualling Program.
  • Using OpenRoads, the team designed the T-junctions in just 12 hours and lay-bys in 20 hours, compared to 48 hours and 70 hours, respectively, using traditional CAD methods.
  • Using ProjectWise as the CDE and leveraging iModels accelerated and optimized information mobility regardless of data format, its location, or timing.
  • Using reality modeling and visualizations to engage with stakeholders eliminated the need for site visits and improved communication of design intent.
  • “Bentley’s design, modeling, and visualization capabilities have greatly contributed to achieving BIM Level 2 requirements as defined by our client. The development of an interactive 3D design model at an early stage in the scheme enabled our project team to work collaboratively to produce an efficient and sustainable design, which was environmentally led, a critical factor for success given the project sits within the highly sensitive Cairngorms National Park.”

    Neil Stewart Contract Manager, A9 Glen Garry to Dalraddy CH2M Fairhurst Joint Venture