• AAM Group

    Mapping Singapore’s National 3D Cadastre


Project Summary

As part of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, Singapore Land Authority (SLA) commissioned AAM Group to conduct a vehicle-based mobile mapping survey of the nation's 5,500-kilometer road network and produce highly detailed 3D models of the roads and city furniture. The SGD 4.4 million project required the team to capture images and LiDAR data of the dense, urban roadway system amid constraints of vegetation and traffic. To coordinate communication and streamline workflows among the multiple disciplines and the client, and to generate accurate 3D deliverables on a tight timeline, AAM needed precise modeling and efficient collaboration capabilities.

AAM captured more than 3 million images and over 600 million LiDAR points to complete the ground survey. The team used MicroStation as a framework to easily integrate the captured survey data with other available data and converted all information into 3D models of the roads and city furniture in CityGML format as required by SLA. ProjectWise optimized project management and collaboration among the surveyors, geospatial data analysts, and BIM managers to meet the technical challenges and timeline constraints.

MicroStation enabled AAM to model 2.5 kilometers of roadway per day compared to 1 kilometer per day if traditional software was used, saving over 3,000 resource days and associated costs. The team achieved a modeling accuracy level of 0.3 meters with MicroStation’s precise modeling capabilities. The completed national 3D map will continue to be maintained as part of Singapore’s Smart Nation agenda and the drive for a virtual city. It will also provide a detailed and comprehensive dataset for various agencies and stakeholders to analyze numerous national projects.

Using MicroStation provided the fastest possible data capture and manipulation techniques for this project. The software allowed for rapid placement and alignment of all assets without populating and maintaining attribute data, enhancing overall efficiency. Bentley’s flexible modeling capabilities enabled AAM to create quality assurance and quality control routines to assist in the generation of 3D polygons required to produce the CityGML deliverables. The team used ProjectWise to track document delivery and user acceptance testing forms, providing AAM a clear and visible record of all client submissions.

Project Playbook: MicroStation, ProjectWise
  • AAM used MicroStation to generate 3D models of Singapore’s dense, urban roadway network and city furniture from high-resolution images and LiDAR points captured via vehicle-based mobile mapping surveys.
  • MicroStation’s precise modeling capabilities enabled the team to deliver accurate 3D models in CityGML format in 2,200 resource-days, compared to 5,200 using other software, enabling the team to meet the tight timeline.
  • ProjectWise served as the collaborative platform to share and manage data among the multi-discipline team and to track client deliverables.
  • The completed National 3D Map will have a significant impact on Singapore’s Smart Nation agenda, providing a detailed, comprehensive 3D dataset for various agencies and stakeholders to use for their business needs.
  • “Conducting a mobile mapping survey and then creating detailed 3D models for 5,500 kilometers of road network in the dense urban environment of Singapore at first seemed like an insurmountable task. The extensive range of modeling tools in Bentley MicroStation combined with the flexibility to build MDLs for specific requirements allowed us to complete this project in an efficient and timely manner. MicroStation’s powerful display and visualization styles also allowed us to thoroughly check the data, resulting in a high-quality product that our client is very satisfied with.”

    Daniel Kruimel Project Manager AAM Group