• Roy Hill

    Maintenance Tactics & Reliability Solution

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Project Summary


In the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 1,200 kilometers northeast of Perth, Roy Hill is developing a world-class open pit, bulk mining facility capable of producing 55 megatons of iron ore annually. This AUD 10 billion project required the Roy Hill team to implement a rigorous maintenance tactics and equipment reliability initiative that addressed the high throughput rates of its fixed plant equipment. To achieve the expected availability targets and ensure reliable operating performance of the fixed plant sites, Roy Hill required an integrated technology platform and end-to-end management system.


Roy Hill selected Bentley AssetWise as its technology solution, enabling proactive asset maintenance in a connected data environment. Using AssetWise allowed Roy Hill to internally develop and implement its maintenance tactics program for the engineering and maintenance teams during the pre-commissioning phase for rapid ramp up and deployment. Bentley’s interoperable software provides a unified platform necessary for the teams to continuously improve maintenance tactics as well as a centralized equipment health management system that integrates all sources of condition monitoring and inspection data to support predictable production and reliable equipment performance.


AssetWise enabled the Roy Hill engineering and maintenance teams to develop maintenance tactics in-house, eliminating the need to hire external consultants—resulting in a savings of approximately AUD 1.5 million. The ability to capture field inspection data in real time will eliminate double entry and secondary review, which is expected to save more than 5,000 resource hours annually based on the 54,000 condition indicators for fixed plant sites currently in AssetWise. Working in a single integrated system eliminates data silos in disparate systems enhancing data reliability for better decision making on asset performance, optimizing overall asset lifecycle costs.


Using AssetWise enables Roy Hill’s project teams to develop and share maintenance tactics for equipment, increasing data integrity and efficiency while reducing deployment time and rework. The ability to work collaboratively in an integrated environment allows for more informed, holistic assessment of equipment condition. The remote functionality in AssetWise allows inspection data to be captured in the field and stored directly in a centralized reliability system eliminating the need for paper-based inspection sheets, avoiding rework and minimizing risk. The centralized system, AssetWise, tracks and trends asset condition degradation, alarms when outside of pre-defined thresholds, and triggers proactive corrective work before equipment fails. Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software provides a solid foundation for Roy Hill’s equipment maintenance and reliability strategy for a cost-effective approach to asset lifecycle management.

Project Playbook: AssetWise Asset Reliability

  • Roy Hill used AssetWise to implement its equipment maintenance tactics and reliability initiative, optimizing asset performance for reliable ore processing with minimal unplanned downtime.
  • Developing an asset lifecycle performance and management program internally using Bentley technology saved Roy Hill AUD 1.5 million.
  • Using the integrated AssetWise platform improved collaboration, and accelerated information mobility, eliminating data silos in disparate systems for improved data integrity and more informed decision making.
  • AssetWise provides a solid foundation for equipment performance predictability and reliability, enabling fixed plant maintenance teams to meet rapid operational deployment plans.
  • “Implementation of AssetWise has positioned the Roy Hill fixed plant maintenance teams to achieve availability targets, minimize unplanned downtime, and provide a solid reliability foundation to meet rapid operational ramp-up plans.”

    Paul Brades Principle Engineer, Asset Management Roy Hill