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How Design Project Managers Are Driving Faster, Higher-Quality Design Collaboration

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Your priority as a design project manager is to consistently deliver top-quality projects on time, in budget, and without incident. This goal becomes difficult, however, if your teams struggle to share information and work together, remain compliant with standards, and avoid potential schedule and contractual risks.

The margin for error is thinner than ever, with increasingly complex projects, tightening deadlines, and heightened expectations making it hard to remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry. Thankfully, there’s a way to drive faster, higher-quality design collaboration today.

The Cost of Disjointed Workflows

Every second counts, and every mistake can cause shockwaves. If your teams rely on email, generic file-sharing services, and other ad hoc or siloed methods to work together, it often leads to inefficient collaboration, outdated information, and increased errors and rework.

Additionally, these disjointed workflows make it difficult to consistently enforce BIM standards like ISO 19650 and gain visibility into project performance, opening the door to both schedule and contractual risks that make delivering successful projects that much more difficult.   

A Better Way to Collaborate

We purpose-built our ProjectWise design collaboration solution for design projects like yours, so that you can bring your teams, information, and workflows together in a single, integrated environment.

Drive greater productivity by enabling your entire project team to work together in real-time. Access trusted and up-to-date information, collect and implement feedback, and review and approve contractual deliverables using simple, streamlined workflows.

ProjectWise also helps you reduce schedule and contractual risks by automating key BIM workflows, for consistent standards compliance across your projects. Additionally, by providing on-demand project performance insights, you can proactively avoid potential bottlenecks and issues.

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As your competition increases and client expectations increase, it becomes more important than ever for you to deliver your best project outcomes every time – and we can help. 

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