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Available for free, SYNCHRO Scheduler provides traditional 2D Gantt chart project planning and scheduling software with an advanced CPM engine.

If needed, SYNCHRO Scheduler can synchronize from P6 and Microsoft Project. These free software licenses are an opportunity to save money until you are ready to upgrade to 4D visual scheduling.


CPM Scheduling

Create your schedule from scratch in SYNCHRO Scheduler. Add task descriptions, durations, and logic, and let the SYNCHRO CPM engine calculate start and finish dates and the Critical Path. Create multiple calendars, apply constraints and lag, and view the schedule in Work Breakdown Structure or Activity Code mode.

Interoperable with Legacy Software

Import, export and synchronize to-and-from industry standard planning/scheduling software such as Oracle Primavera, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, PMA Netpoint, and Asta Powerproject. Create your schedule in SYNCHRO Scheduler and export to one of the compatible programs to comply with contract requirements, or import multiple sub-contractors schedules from various programs into one master schedule.

Production Rate Scheduling

SYNCHRO Scheduler can calculate task durations based on production rates and quantities allocated to the task. If the quantity or predicted production rate changes the task duration updates automatically. Combined with the strength of SYNCHRO’s CPM engine, the effects on the entire schedule of changing scope or labour force are immediately visible. Alternatively, enter a fixed duration and SYNCHRO will display the production rate needed to accomplish the scope in the given time – a great sanity check for your plan. During construction, track actual and remaining quantities and the remaining duration will be updated accordingly.

Resource Management & Optimization

Create Human, Material, Equipment and Location Resources and assign them to tasks. Create Companies to organize the Resources. Use production rate Rules to auto-calculate task durations. View cost and Earned Value (EVA) data on a per task or project level. Use the Resource Utilization graph to determine where a resource may be over- or under-used and update the schedule in real-time.

Standard and Custom Reporting

Print the Gantt Chart, Resource List or of one of the standard reports including: Resource Utilization graph, Earned Value graph, User Field graph. Alternatively create custom task or resource reports using the custom report editor to add logos, keys or color codes. Data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further calculations.

Free Training Manual

Free online training is available to all license holders in SYNCHRO Academy


SYNCHRO Pro creates an environment that interoperates with all major 3D modeling technology and scheduling applications in the market.

Deploying this environment, with a real-time transactional database and open application program interface (API) running on Microsoft Azure Cloud, opens the door for total participation from the construction supply chain.

Scheduling data

Import milestone dates, critical path method schedules, rough timeframes and levels of effort.


Import any 3D model, whether a simple block for a work area or a full project model.


Import labor, cost, equipment, material, location based, and status information.

Interoperability Interoperability Interoperability


Your first step to becoming a SYNCHRO expert.

Join the SYNCHRO Academy and become an expert in 4D BIM construction scheduling and project management.

Online Product Trainings

Visit classes about the interoperability of the software, SYNCHRO 4D product fundamentals, or Iray integration. If you are a SYNCHRO license holder, you are eligible to join SYNCHRO Academy online trainings for free.

In-person Product Trainings

Hands-on in small groups or customized for you on site, SYNCHRO training courses provide a thorough understanding of our products and platform, pointing users to the resources needed for them to excel with SYNCHRO.

Join our fundamentals and advanced sessions in the U.S. or London.

Supercharge your learning with a customized training at your office.

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