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  • 自動レイアウト機能による設計の微調整と既存の道路交通標識のアップデート
  • 自動寸法設定によって設計時間を短縮
  • 組み込みの標準テーブルを使用することで、レビュー時間の短縮と正確な結果の取得が実現
  • 標識の設計をMicroStationで開けるため、プロジェクトコラボレーションの効率が向上
  • 組み込みのMUTCD(州および連邦基準)を使用し、シンプルで自動化された操作によって手間のかかる作業を削減
  • 標識設計を製造装置やプロット装置に直接転送することで、手戻りを最小化
  • Access standard objects, signs, and tools

    • SignCAD includes state, federal, and MUTCD standards, road signs, and objects. Users can add their own standards and custom signs for their design. Design objects like route markers, arrows, symbols, panels, borders, lines, and fonts are defined by standard templates, ensuring that smart objects are created to respective standards.
  • Design custom traffic signs

    • Layout dimensions can be manually customized so that, even with automation, users can fully control the appearance of their signs, allowing for fine tuning of the design. SignCAD will maintain the alignment and spacing as you edit.
  • Comply with state and federal signage standards

    • State and federal standards for traffic signs, layouts, and specifications are built into the software. Quickly and easily implement built-in standards for all your designs included in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  • Import or scan images to create graphics

    • SignCAD allows you to easily import or scan any image to create new designs and combine several elements into new objects, integrating them into the sign library.
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