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    what STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition
    delivers to engineers like you.

    • BIM made easy

      • Simplify your BIM workflow with new physical models that automatically generate analytical models for both simple and complex structural analysis. Changes to the BIM model or the structural model can move in both directions throughout the workflow in a faster, more simplified way.
    • Powerful interoperability

      • Streamline multi-discipline workflows with STAAD’s unique interoperability with the broadest range of applications, such as Revit, Tekla, AutoPIPE, OpenBuildings, and more. Increase design team collaboration and productivity getting your projects completed and to site even quicker.
    • Integrated steel and concrete design, detailing and documentation

      • Leverage advanced concrete design capabilities and steel autodrafter features while taking advantage of a broad array of international design codes included for free. Gain access to limited features of Advanced Concrete Design, RAM Connection and STAAD Foundation Advanced with even a basic license of STAAD. 
    • Build custom solutions

      • With a flexible Application Programming Interface (API), you can build custom solutions to use on top of STAAD.Pro or other applications like spreadsheets.
    • Choose the option that's right for you

      • Because every firm has different needs, there are three flexible STAAD.Pro options to choose from:
        - STAAD.Pro – The most basic STAAD option including FEM analysis and physical modeling
        - STAAD.Pro Advanced – Adds faster, more advanced and complex analysis 
        - Structural Enterprise – The most popular structural applications in a single a cost-effective license
        Learn more about the differences.
    • Any project type

      • Harness the power of physical modeling, comprehensive load generation, powerful analysis solvers, integrated design, and interoperability on any type of project. Whether it´s transportation, water, or plant projects, that you are designing, you’ll have what it takes with STAAD. Learn more.