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SmartKalasatama was created to develop new digital services for the city of Helsinki; helping  reach its carbon neutrality goal by 2035. The Kalasatama district is testing smart city initiatives, including 3D modeling, data use, and energy efficiency. In partnership with Forum Virium, Helsinki created a digital twin to share as open data for simulations, visualization, and engagement, proving that city planning, third-party organizations, and even city residents can engage with the digital twin to provide valuable feedback.

What was the outcome?

  • OpenCities Planner, enabled by the city-scale digital twin, is the starting point for visualizing and communicating all projects throughout the city of Helsinki before actual implementation.
  • Helsinki and Forum Virium engage stakeholders, including current and potential Kalasatama residents, with an easily accessible environment in OpenCities Planner.
  • The digital twin helps Forum Virium create a vision for third-party developers to consider innovative solutions to support SmartKalastama initiatives.
  • OpenCities Planner helps Forum Virium drive public engagement by delivering access to Kalasatama on mobile devices to communicate project information and gather input from crowdsourcing. Read the full story.

“At the heart of the Kalasatama project is engagement–promoting the planning, implementation, interaction and communication of smart city projects.”

Maija Bergstrom

Community Manager, SmartKalasatama,
Forum Virium

What products were used?



Reality Modeling Software

OpenCities Planner

Reality Modeling Software

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