• Fitzpatrick Engineering Group

    Rehabilitation Center

    Concord, North Carolina, United States

Project Summary

Fitzpatrick Engineering Group (FEG) was retained to model a two-story, 65,000 square-foot steel building, designed for a future floor. The project owner required that FEG share structural model data with the fabricator and deliver a Revit model at project closeout. To meet the owner’s demands without having to manage changes in two separate models, FEG relied on the interoperability and flexibility of Bentley software.

To provide both the Revit model and accurate steel fabrication data without having to re-enter data, FEG relied on Bentley Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM) tools. FEG structural engineers used RAM Structural System and AECOsim Building Designer, in conjunction with Bentley Structural Synchronizer and the ISM Revit plug-in. These tools were critical in allowing FEG to operate using a single model through electronic means to meet the project constraints.

Using the analysis capability for the proprietary SidePlate connections in Bentley RAM Structural System enabled FEG to save the owner USD 15,000 in direct material costs for steel, while the fillet welds in the SidePlate connections allowed for periodic inspection and less field testing, saving an additional USD 13,000. FEG used Bentley AECOsim’s parametric cells to facilitate tighter coordination and consistency between models and plans, eliminating risks and optimizing scheduling.

The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software enabled FEG to provide an innovative structural design that resulted in savings for the owner, collaborate seamlessly among an integrated project team, share structural data with the contractor, and deliver the required “non-Bentley” model to the owner. To satisfy the project owner’s constraints efficiently and effectively, FEG used Bentley Structural Synchronizer to create a shared, dynamic repository for all structural content. AECOsim Building Designer then used the Structural Synchronizer to communicate with the database. With Bentley ISM Revit plug-in, FEG could transfer data to Revit.
  • AECOsim Building Designer’s interoperability enabled FEG to share the structural model with an integrated project team and deliver the model to the project owner in Revit format.
  • With the proprietary SidePlate connections in Bentley RAM Structural System, FEG saved the owner USD 28,000 in material and inspection costs.
  • Using Bentley’s innovative products FEG thrived in a mixed BIM environment, becoming an industry leader by developing an advanced solution to a complex BIM workflow.
User Quote:
  • “The robust features of AECOsim Building Designer and Bentley’s continued commitment to interoperability have allowed Fitzpatrick Engineering Group to move beyond the traditional ‘beams and columns’ of BIM and set itself apart as an industry leader while collaborating in mixed environments. “

    Douglas G. Fitzpatrick P.E., President Fitzpatrick Engineering Group