• Orbit 3DM SDK and Plug-ins

    Integrate 3D Mapping Data to Third-party Software

Orbit 3DM SDK and Plug-ins

The SDK enables connection to online shared 3D mapping data from any vendor or any system, at any size or any coverage for direct integration into your existing workflow. Using the SDK allows access to any published 3D mapping data and seamlessly displays images and point cloud data in third-party software. The plug-ins fully integrate with software from Esri, Autodesk, and QGIS.

  • Measure, overlay, and extract 3D mapping data

    • Open and focus on imagery, change the view angle, adjust image brightness, and walk through your 3D mapping imagery. Quickly overlay the 3D point cloud and efficiently measure points, lines, and areas based on the 3D point cloud, reality mesh, or imagery only. Save these measurements in your third-party map layers, and accurately select the right layer to overlay on your 3D mapping data.
  • Make a third-party plug-in for 3D mapping

    • Build integration or plug-ins to any websites, business software, workflows, standard GIS, and CAD products by connecting to Orbit 3DM Publisher using the Orbit 3DM Plug-in SDK (.NET, Java scripting, and HTMLl5).
Passa al digitale con il Reality Modeling
Accelerate il vostro sviluppo digitale con il reality modeling, aggiungendo il contesto digitale del mondo reale nella consegna del progetto o nelle operazioni.
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