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Whether your projects are designed strictly in 2D or you start by developing 3D CAD models, MicroStation can help you discover new ways to shave time off design and documentation, so you can deliver projects faster or invest those time savings in exploring and developing better designs. In addition to employing traditional CAD workflows, with MicroStation you can incrementally adopt advanced BIM-enabled workflows that provide a leap forward in productivity and flexibility without disruption. Discover how MicroStation offers you a better choice of technology.

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Integrate Any Data Type

You can eliminate the headaches associated with projects where there are a variety of design and construction applications in use, each with their own proprietary file formats. MicroStation gives you unparalleled file format support to access and produce project information with the richness and precision of geometry and embedded property data required for infrastructure projects. Not only are the most common vector, point cloud, raster, and reality mesh formats supported, Bentley licenses Autodesk’s RealDWG format, so you can edit and produce authentic RealDWG data as if you were using Autodesk products. As a result, you can combine and integrate any data type, including precise automatic placement of geospatial data, to develop comprehensive, multidiscipline models to facilitate coordination and produce the most accurate multidiscipline documentation possible.

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