• Sabesp

    Overview and Supervision: Cantareira Water Supply System

    São Paulo, Brazil

Project Summary

The Cantareira Water Supply System is the largest water production system in São Paulo’s metropolitan region. While it has been operating for over 40 years serving a population of 9 million people, the system needed to be analyzed and updated to meet future needs. Management wanted to understand the current infrastructure’s potential to have enough capacity to serve predicted population growth in the future, identify vulnerabilities and ensure continued operational safety, minimize costs, and model investments needed to ensure ongoing quality of water services while minimizing environmental impacts.

Sabesp collected field data from supervisory systems (SCADA and PIMS) and GIS.  The data, including historical operating information, consumptions, and registration were brought into WaterGEMS, through GIS and SCADA integration with WaterGEMS.  WaterGEMS allowed Sabesp to diagnose exceeding speeds and deficient flow rates on future consumption projections. From WaterGEMS they could model necessary changes and develop an infrastructure investment pipeline for the Cantareira Water Supply System that will maximize returns and meet future needs at exactly the right time.

The use of WaterGEMS was essential to determine how the system will behave in the future. By modeling current and projected future demands, WaterGEMS helped Sabesp determine an appropriate plan that would help them meet future supply and appropriately expand the system without creating unnecessary works. In addition, Sabesp was also able to optimize the operation of the pumps outside of peak hours, enabling them to save in electricity costs.

WaterGEMS helped designers manage risks by diagnosing exceeding speeds and deficient flow rates on future water consumption projections. WaterGEMS identified which pipelines to duplicate and when.
  • WaterGEMS software enabled fast data collection and modeling of field data.
  • Using hydraulic models, Sabesp created a timeline for water system investments that will maximize returns and ensure projects are scheduled at the time they are most needed.
  • The investments increase flexibility by increasing storage capacity and duplicating water mains.