• GE Water

    Lanxess India – Thermal Zero Liquid Discharge Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Nagda, India

Project Summary

The goal of this USD 4.6 million project was to build a wastewater treatment plant to treat 260 cubic meters of wastewater generated by chemical plants at the Lanxess Complex in India, and reuse the treated water for boiler feedwater make-up in power generation. To optimize pipe routing, support arrangement on the varying site elevations, and determine all materials required to accomplish the design, GE Water needed accurate modeling, structural analysis, and clash checking of the entire plant.

Recognizing that visualizing and preparing the piping layout in a 2D environment would be cumbersome, GE Water opted for a 3D representation using Bentley’s modeling and plant design software. To ensure optimal piping support and operation, GE Water relied on Bentley’s comprehensive piping analysis solutions. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley’s products enabled GE Water to deliver an accurate 3D structural design to support successful construction of the plant.

Ultimately, using Bentley software enabled flawless construction of the plant within the stipulated project schedule. Bentley solutions saved GE Water 42% of engineering man-hours, reducing manual efforts and resulting in a USD 16,800 cost savings for Lanxess. Environmentally, GE Water’s Lanxess wastewater treatment plant provides efficient waste recovery by recycling wastewater for power generation in a water-stressed country.

GE Water used MicroStation and Bentley PlantSpace to model the entire plant in 3D, enabling the visualization, coordination, and optimization of equipment, piping, pipe supports, and cable tray layouts. Using 3D representation enabled accurate bill of materials extraction. Bentley STAAD.Pro and AutoPIPE helped GE Water minimize manual efforts identifying clashes and provided a flexible modeling environment for structural piping analysis and design.
  • Using Bentley PlantSpace, STAAD.Pro, and AutoPIPE to create a 3D representation of the plant significantly saved GE engineering man-hours during design and modeling.
  • Bentley’s accurate modeling and comprehensive piping analysis software enabled the flawless construction of Lanxess structures and facilities within the stipulated project schedule.
  • Bentley solutions helped GE Water design a thermal zero liquid discharge wastewater treatment plant reducing environmental and social risks by recycling wastewater for power generation in a water-stressed country.