• Lic.

    Evolution of a Technological Platform for SINAP Cadastral Management

    Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán, Honduras

Project Summary


The Honduran Government’s Unified Registration System is used to manage cadastral and property rights information for more than 1.3 million plots of land. The platform provides users with role-based tools for new ownership rights administration and offers the public access to information published directly from the spatial database. The National System of Property Administration (SINAP) engaged Lic. to upgrade the technology and migrate registry data from MicroStation GeoGraphics to Bentley Map.


Lic. used the functionality of Bentley Map to ensure that legacy systems remained operable during data migration. Bentley’s GIS publishing and mapping application provided the foundation for the project team to control access to cadastral data and improve security of land administration inputs. The migration also improved interoperability with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) modeling language, standards, and specifications as well as incorporation of elements required by the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM).


Bentley Map is expected to extend the life of the Unified Registration System until 2024. Municipalities involved in land administration will benefit from the enhanced functionality of the next-generation technology. The upgraded system made the process for map construction, updating, and publication up to 70 percent faster while improving data security. By providing transparency and access to information, the system will also make better cadastral services available to the public.


Built on the 2004 version of MicroStation GeoGraphics, the Unified Registration System had exceeded its expected lifetime. Lic. used Bentley Map to develop an equivalent version of the legacy software to control migration to the new platform while validating alphanumeric data, topology, and spatial data. Functions that were previously performed by the legacy platform transferred to Bentley Map. Bentley Map’s compatibility with Oracle Spatial 11g helped to add functionality and streamline processes.

Project Playbook: Bentley Map

  • During data migration, both the legacy and replacement platforms remained fully functional.
  • Cadastral data construction and updating takes 70 percent less time on the new platform.
  • Publishing cadastral data is 60 percent faster since migration to Bentley Map.
  • The new technologies implemented with Bentley Map will extend system stability to at least 2024.
  • “The stability of Bentley’s DGN file format facilitates vertical integration with other platforms and extends the lifecycle for geoengineering projects.”

    Golgi Alvarez Functional Specialist National System of Property Administration (SINAP)