• IZZI Telecom

    FTTC Network

    Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

Project Summary


Televisa’s telecommunications division is a leader in the Mexico market, providing digital cable TV, digital telephone, and high-speed internet to homes and businesses through its subsidiary, IZZI Telecom. As part of a fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC) initiative that will improve and expand triple play services provided by IZZI brands, Cablevisión and Cablemás, IZZI completed the USD 48.5 million reconstruction and renovation of the fiber optic network serving Santiago de Querétaro.


IZZI applied a Fiber Deep approach with the goal of designing network infrastructure that meets the unique needs of the region. Incorporating the latest generation equipment, the modifications improved performance, expanded bandwidth, increased Internet speed, and optimized information transfer. As a result, the Santiago de Querétaro project was completed earlier than expected.


Before this initiative, Cablevisión and Cablemás provided triple play services to more than 7.5 million customers over a 100,000-kilometer network. By forming a strategic alliance to upgrade their network technology under the IZZI brand umbrella, the providers extended premium quality triple play services to 8 million new customers. Bentley technology contributed to bottom line savings by accelerating design and producing more precise documents, resulting in 25 percent lower design costs.


IZZI used Bentley Map to digitize the area maps, street layouts, and addresses. Based on information gathered from a survey of existing infrastructure, the project team designed and documented the new coaxial network with Bentley Coax and traced the corresponding fiber optic routes using Bentley Fiber. IZZI achieved significant time savings using Bentley’s communications applications to quickly complete verified layouts in a rich GIS environment, then build a precise end-to-end network model.

Project Playbook: Bentley Coax, Bentley Fiber, Bentley Map

  • Cablevisión and Cablemás, two of the largest telecommunications companies in Mexico, formed an alliance to modify and expand their 100,000-kilometer network.
  • The expansion extended triple play services to 8 million new customers, plus 7.5 million existing customers.
  • Bentley Coax and Bentley Fiber improved design productivity and reduced overall design time and costs by up to 25 percent.
  • “Bentley technology allows us to improve the quality of both the design and construction of our infrastructure, preparing us to face the new telecommunications challenges in Mexico.”

    Dante Frias Operations Supervisor IZZI Telecom