• D&C Engineers

    Concrete Batching Plant

    Bridgwater, Somerset, United Kingdom

Project Summary


Hopkins Concrete contracted D&C Engineers to design, manufacture, and commission a new concrete batching plant located along the M5 motorway in Bridgwater, United Kingdom. The GBP 1 million project required the team to visualize the model early in the design process, which allowed the correct measures to be put in place to address safety issues and add appropriate guarding. The new structure minimizes noise, and its efficient output decreases time needed for on-site concrete mixers. Moreover, the plant provides an excellent position to access South West United Kingdom.


Utilizing the 3D modeling functionality of MicroStation in the concept stage enabled the project team and clients to visualize the plant from early conception, helping facilitate design and allowing stakeholders to offer critical feedback. The 3D models and details produced in MicroStation can also be stored and subsequently used for future projects at the plant. Some of the details used were copied from previous work done in MicroStation, thus saving time.


The plant’s enclosed design reduces noise, dust, and other safety hazards. Because of the efficient plant output, this will reduce the time a concrete road mixer will need to spend on-site. From the 3D model, D&C Engineers visualized the plant early in the design stage and produced design options to address safety issues and add suitable guarding.


Using MicroStation to model the plant allowed D&C Engineers to present and visualize the concept to the client. With MicroStation, the project team produced detailed drawings and sub-assemblies from the same models for manufacturing and assembly, and created PDF documents of the model that were distributed to the erection team. From the 3D models designed in MicroStation, D&C Engineers instantly produced the 2D drawings for manufacturing purposes. These models and design details can be easily reused for future business opportunities.

Project Playbook: MicroStation

  • The state of the art plant in Bridgwater has an Erie Strayer bowl mixer capable of mixing 8 cubic meters of concrete in 30 seconds.
  • MicroStation was instrumental in allowing D&C Engineers to present and visualize the plant concept to project stakeholders.
  • “Bentley’s MicroStation allows us to design bespoke concrete batching plants utilizing previous and new designs to improve overall efficiency.”

    Geoff Chatterley Managing Director D&C Engineers