• Streetlytics

    Smart Data Supporting Smart Decisions


Businesses and government organizations across multiple industries need actionable data about the movement of people to inform and support their decisions. Currently, they’re struggling with lost time and lost productivity searching for insights from data and potentially making poor decisions because of uncertainty and incomplete, low-quality data. We are living in a time where technology of the future like mobile devices and autonomous vehicles are reality; there should be a better way to harness population movement.

We specialize in the data around the why, how, and where of people movement, plus data creation, data management, and data analytics. Gain confidence in your decision-making with Streetlytics, created by Citilabs.

We’ll work transparently and use our background in transportation to add richness to your data and fill in any gaps so you can see a clear picture of population movement while respecting data privacy above and beyond government restrictions. Streetlytics’ methods are based on decades of industry experience in travel demand and behavioral modeling combined with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence learning algorithms.

Talk with us about how to enrich your data and receive targeted insights that enhance decision-making to increase revenue and quality. Stop struggling with poor decisions, indecision, and lack of insight based on incomplete, historical data sets.

  • Streetlytics
    Streetlytics mesure et adapte des milliards de voyages observés afin de fournir une analyse détaillée des déplacements d’aujourd’hui, et pour chaque segment de route aux États-Unis et au Canada.