• MNS Engineers

    Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Replacement

    Santa Barbara, California, United States

Project Summary

The City of Santa Barbara needed to replace a historic bridge along one of its busiest roads. Originally built in 1913, the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge goes over Mission Creek which drains into the Pacific Ocean, next to Santa Barbara’s iconic Stearn’s Wharf. The city wanted to preserve the architectural character of the bridge while reconstructing areas upstream and downstream as part of the Lower Mission Creek Flood Control Project. In this busy location, the structural and architectural scope of the project had to be carefully managed by the construction manager, MNS Engineers.

MNS Engineers used the EADOC capital project management system to coordinate the entire project team and client stakeholders. As a cloud-based system, EADOC addressed the need for immediate access to information from any location. EADOC records all actions performed on documents and communications, which allowed MNS Engineers to keep the entire project team on track.

Centralizing the project’s data and communication increased collaboration and accountability, reduced the review time for RFIs and submittals, and allowed the project team to minimize the time and expense of manually handling and tracking physical documents. The entire Cabrillo Bridge team saved time by linking workflow documents – such as RFIs and change orders – to other items such as locations, project assets, and construction drawings. This created a web of rich data relationships that made it easy to find relevant information quickly.

MNS Engineers used EADOC for its centralized database, which provided 24/7 access to manage all project documents and communications including RFIs, submittals, inspection requests, inspection reports, requests, daily logs, memos, change orders, and more.

EADOC is now named ProjectWise Construction Management. Learn More

  • MNS Engineers saved time by eliminating the need to manually manage project communications, such as RFIs and submittals.
  • The Cabrillo Bridge team saved time by linking workflow documents – such as RFIs and change orders – to other items such as locations and construction drawings. This made project information easy to find, and increased the speed of decision making.
  • Project managers were able to improve transparency and team collaboration with EADOC’s automated audit trail of all document and communication activity.
  • One of the biggest needs in the construction industry is getting immediate feedback and minimizing the delay in getting feedback. EADOC addresses the need for immediate access to information. The web-based platform is great because you don’t need to be in your office to tap into your files. You can respond and receive information wherever you are.

    Gregory Chelini Vice President of Construction Management MNS Engineers