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    Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Project Summary

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) retained SATRIA Technologies to design and supply 33-kilovolt/11-kilovolt control relay panels for a new substation in Pandamaran, a constituent of the Klang district in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. The MYR 500,000 project required the team to deliver six different protection control schemes for 19 units to fit in a compact space within the substation. To accommodate the complex design requirements and meet the client’s accelerated 20-day delivery deadline, SATRIA required flexible, intelligent modeling technology.

SATRIA created a central database using Bentley Promis.e to standardize its electrical design process. Engineers transferred data and libraries of information to Promis.e to build a database with intelligent properties and set up a network configuration that enabled concurrent accessibility for the entire project team, which improved collaboration and streamlined workflows. The flexibility of Promis.e allowed the team to configure the information in the database to efficiently design the six different types of control relay panels in accordance with TNB’s specifications.

SATRIA reduced delivery time by 50 percent using Promis.e, supplying design drawings to TNB within the required 20 days, compared to an estimated 40 days for a total cost savings of MYR 20,000. The automated cross-referencing functions in Promis.e reduced resource hours for report generation from days to seconds. Having a collaborative, standardized design process minimized design mistakes and drafting errors, reduced time to prepare bills of material by 20 to 25 percent, and resulted in less waste.

SATRIA relied on Promis.e for an intelligent solution to standardize design procedures, accelerating information sharing and project delivery time. The ability to export designs and drawings in multiple file formats enhanced stakeholder and client communication for more efficient review and revision processes. Using the templates and macros created in the database enabled engineers to produce schematic drawings in one day instead of two. Bentley’s flexible, interoperable technology automated tedious tasks and simplified workflows, reducing errors and enhancing engineering efficiencies to meet client requirements and deadlines.

Project Playbook: MicroStation, Navigator, Promis.e
  • TNB contrató los servicios de SATRIA para diseñar seis tipos diferentes de paneles de relé de control de 33 kilovoltios/11 kilovoltios para un total de 19 unidades en un plazo de 20 días para su instalación en la nueva subestación de Pandamaran en Klang, Selangor, Malasia.
  • SATRIA redujo el tiempo de entrega en un 50 % y ahorró 20 000 MYR en este proyecto de 500 000 MYR gracias al uso de Promis.e.
  • La flexibilidad e interoperabilidad de Promis.e permitió a SATRIA adaptar su proceso de diseño inteligente, rentable y de colaboración para satisfacer las demandas de clientes y proyectos futuros.
  • Tras la instalación, los paneles de relé de control protegerán el equipo primario de la subestación de Pandamaran y reducirán el riesgo de descargas eléctricas potencialmente mortales en el sitio.
  • "Como el proyecto requería el suministro de seis tipos diferentes de paneles con un total de 19 unidades, se dedicó mucho tiempo al diseño y dibujo con AutoCAD. Para superar este desafío, el equipo de ingeniería utiliza ahora Promis.e para elaborar esquemas eléctricos de forma autónoma, mediante el desarrollo de sus propias bibliotecas y plantillas estándar, de acuerdo con los requisitos de TNB".

    Mohd Farid Ramli Ingeniero de sistemas SATRIA Technologies Sdn. Bhd.