• Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.

    PL19-3 Oil Field Jacket Design and Development of “Fixed Offshore Structure Design Tool” Software

    Tianjin, China

Project Summary

Located in Bohai Bay off China's northeastern coast, the CNY 8.8 billion Bohai Development Project is a joint venture between China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and ConocoPhillips China Inc. The project will expand existing facilities to include two 40-slot well head platforms, a central platform, and associated pipelines and cables. As engineering, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI) contractor, CNOOC Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC) was charged with creating detailed designs of the offshore structures and developing engineering software.

Designing the platforms involved complex modeling using SACS offshore structural analysis and design software, and MOSES for integrated offshore simulation. To simplify data exchange, manage project data, and automate repetitive tasks, COOEC developed the Fixed Offshore Structure Design Tool (FOSDT) as an interface to Bentley's software. COOEC's intelligent design capability enabled the team to quickly adjust analysis models according to changing parameters and arrive at optimal solutions.

COOEC's custom application provided an integrated design system that maximized the use of Bentley software. By providing a new way to manage the project database, FOSDT improved performance and guaranteed project progress. As a result, the team designed the three jackets simultaneously with an error rate of less than 0.5 percent, saving 2,000 resource hours and CNY 400,000 in costs. With Bentley software, COOEC completed the detail design of the platforms within seven months, and delivered the project four weeks ahead of schedule.

With SACS and MOSES at its core, FOSDT provided a simplified, intelligent analysis and design flow for living quarters, topsides, and jackets. The applications’ pre- and post-processing functions customized the Bentley software outputs. MOSES reliably simulated the complex float-over installation for the central platform. For the jacket joint design, SACS visualized how adjusting the parameters affected the fatigue life of the joints, which enabled the joint design work to be completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

Project Playbook: MOSES, SACS
  • Las aplicaciones de Bentley proporcionaron un flujo inteligente de análisis y diseño para alojamientos, estructuras superiores y estructuras de soporte.
  • Con ayuda de MOSES, el equipo simuló la compleja instalación de flotación sobre la plataforma central y utilizando SACS, el trabajo de diseño conjunto se completó dos semanas antes de lo previsto.
  • El proyecto se completó cuatro semanas antes de lo previsto, suponiendo el ahorro de muchas horas en recursos y 400 000 CNY en costos.
  • La aplicación personalizada de COOEC proporcionó un sistema de diseño integrado que permitió aprovechar al máximo el software de Bentley.
  • "El software SACS y MOSES de Bentley son esenciales para el diseño de estructuras marinas fijas".

    Guangrong Yin Ingeniero estructural, CNOOC Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.