• NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

    JICA Assisted Ganga Action Plan II

    Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Summary

Situated along the bank of the Ganges River, Varanasi is an ancient city and one of the most important tourist centers in the world. However, it is ill-equipped to properly treat its waste, resulting in unhygienic living conditions, significant pollution, and poor water quality of the Ganges River. With only 33 percent of Varanasi’s sewage currently being treated, Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam retained NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. to analyze the sewer system and recommend improvements to achieve a 90 percent treatment rate prior to discharge. To keep the INR 4.5 billion project on budget and on schedule, NJS required flexible, interoperable structural design and hydraulic modeling and analysis software.

Using Bentley applications, NJS evaluated and suggested improvements for more than 800 kilometers of sewer network. The team prepared a web-based GIS database for the entire project, updated the sewerage network inventory, modeled, and analyzed existing and proposed sewerage systems, prepared system rehabilitation and expansion plans, and identified more efficient operational strategies. Working in a web-based, integrated design environment using Geo Web Publisher, SewerGEMS, and STAAD.Pro accelerated information sharing and improved engineering solutions and productivity.

The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley applications enabled NJS to automatically generate hydraulically coherent models from CAD drawings and reduce the number of large-scale manual drawings by 38 percent. Geo Web Publisher’s easy-to-use interface made it revolutionary for client relations as it facilitated collaborative review processes that shortened design review sessions, avoided rework, and conserved funds. Overall, Bentley’s integrated software saved 100 resource hours and INR 180 million in project costs.

NJS used Geo Web Publisher and AssetWise to develop a database for the entire city of Varanasi that can be used for asset lifecycle information management to operate and maintain existing and future area sewerage systems. Using SewerGEMS enabled better capacity planning and ensured the team could analyze the sewerage designs and provide recommendations in a timely and cost-effective manner. The ability to incorporate the models developed in SewerGEMS into the GIS database enhanced collaboration and optimized information mobility among the project team. NJS relied on STAAD.Pro to design and review structural engineering elements of the project.

 Project Playbook: MicroStation, SewerGEMS, STAAD

  • Utilizando el software de diseño y análisis de Bentley, NJS analizó el sistema de alcantarillado actual de Varanasi y realizó recomendaciones para mejorar la capacidad de tratamiento del agua en un 66 % en la ciudad más antigua de la India y una de las más antiguas del mundo.
  • NJS utilizó SewerGEMS para modelar y analizar más de 800 km de redes de alcantarillado para este proyecto.
  • Geo Web Publisher y AssetWise permitieron al equipo desarrollar una base de datos SIG integrada en línea facilitando la gestión de la información del ciclo de vida para operaciones y el mantenimiento de los sistemas de alcantarillado existentes y futuros de Varanasi.
  • La flexibilidad y la interoperabilidad de las aplicaciones de Bentley optimizaron la movilidad de la información y la colaboración para mejorar la productividad, ofreciendo un modelado más preciso, lo que permitió reducir las horas de recursos y ahorrar 180 millones de INR en costos.
  • El proyecto mejorará la calidad del agua del río Ganges y las condiciones ambientales en Varanasi, optimizando la calidad de vida de residentes y turistas.
  • "Los productos de Bentley ofrecen un nivel único de interoperabilidad, lo que nos permitió analizar una red de alcantarillado de más de 800 km".

    Rohit Dembi Jefe del servicio de ITE NJS Engineers India Pvt.