The Earth Solutions — Development of Anderson Road Quarry Site

    Hong Kong

Project Summary

The HKSARG/CEDD NT East Development Office retained AECOM to design and administer the civil infrastructure works for the Anderson Road Quarry site, which will address Hong Kong’s acute housing shortage by providing about 40 hectares of land for residential and commercial development. The design project, estimated to cost USD 1 billion, involved site formation, road networks, a drainage system (including a storm water detention tank and artificial flood lake), a sewerage system, underground utilities, and green space to serve the future community.

AECOM’s team members completed the civil infrastructure 3D design project by working in an integrated BIM environment and using detailed, textured reality modeling enabled by Bentley’s ContextCapture. In addition, they added information to reality meshes, such as key dates, site photos, 2D drawings, BIM renderings, transforming them into powerful, informative models. All reality meshes, which were continuously captured during construction using drones, were stored in an SMDS accessible from mobile devices, providing an archive of construction progress.

Using reality modeling, SMDS, and 4D progress updates, AECOM saved more than 255 resource-days per month on the project, including 35 resource-days by replacing manual topographic surveys with reality modeling; 20 resource-days by eliminating manual photo captures; and 100 resource-days by automatically importing settlement and movement data and co-relating it with reality meshes. Also, by providing mobile access to realistic, 4D views of construction progress using SMDS, the team reduced miscommunications and rework, as well as streamlined communications with stakeholders.

AECOM’s project team used ProjectWise to manage and share all data among the multiple engineering disciplines, MicroStation and OpenRoads for design modeling and site formation, and AECOsim Building Designer to apply BIM methodologies. The team also used ContextCapture for monitoring construction progress and LumenRT to create visual animations of the completed development to showcase the project to the public. Together, these applications increased work efficiency, facilitated communications between working teams and stakeholders, and streamlined overall work processes.

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, Pointools, ContextCapture, LumenRT, MicroStation, OpenRoads, ProjectWise
  • Con ayuda del modelado de la realidad, SMDS y actualizaciones de progreso 4D, AECOM ahorró más de 255 días de recursos al mes en el proyecto.
  • Se añadió información como fechas clave, fotos del sitio y dibujos en 2D, a mallas de realidad detalladas y texturizadas para convertirlas en potentes modelos de información.
  • SMDS proporcionó una interfaz interactiva y fácil de usar para ver las mallas de realidad y comprobar el progreso de la construcción.