• CCCC First Highway Consultants, Co., Ltd.

    Application of BIM Strategy on the Transformation of Meiguan Expressway to Urban Road Design Project

    Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Project Summary

CCCC First Highway Consultants was contracted to provide design consulting services for a CNY 9.4 billion Meiguan Expressway retrofit and expansion of an existing expressway. The expansion would span approximately 8.5 kilometers and included eight interchanges between the Meilin Inspection Station and Qinghu in Shenzhen, China. The design had to consider a complex environment – including 3,700 underground pipelines, eight grade-separated junctions, and heavy traffic – and be completed within nine months.

CCCC provided design services from planning through preliminary design and construction for the expansion of the original expressway and the newly built auxiliary roads. Due to the dense road network, heavy traffic flow in the project area, and a compressed design cycle, CCCC implemented a collaborative BIM approach, using Bentley applications to achieve the municipal engineering design in a 3D environment. The team then used exploration data to model the complex underground 3D environment.

The use of Bentley applications to implement a 3D collaborative design workflow reduced rework, optimized information sharing, and saved design time. It also enabled project delivery to be 43 days ahead of schedule while reducing costs by CNY 2.2 million. In addition, CCCC saved on the design modification workload (estimated to be 120 days), the preliminary design review (estimated to be 60 days), and the pipeline design error inspection (estimated to be 150 days). The BIM model also allowed the team to carry out a construction simulation and virtual traffic mitigation, which will help the construction team minimize impacts on the community.

The project team used Bentley’s integrated BIM applications and reality modeling technology, including MicroStation, OpenRoads, Subsurface Utilities Design and Analysis (SUDA), and OpenBridge Modeler for parametric 3D design in all directions. The reality mesh, combined with a 3D geographical model, provided a real and intuitive design basis, making the design scheme more accurate, reasonable, and economic. The team also used ProjectWise as the common data environment to manage, store, and share information among the different design disciplines and stakeholders.

Project Playbook: LumenRT, ContextCapture, MicroStation, OpenBridge Modeler, OpenRoads Designer, ProjectWise
  • Un flujo de trabajo de diseño colaborativo en 3D habilitado por Bentley redujo el trabajo de revisión, optimizó el intercambio de información y supuso un ahorro en tiempo de diseño.
  • El proyecto se entregó con éxito 43 días antes de lo previsto con una reducción de costos de 2,2 millones de CNY.
  • El modelo BIM permitió al equipo llevar a cabo una simulación de construcción y una mitigación de tráfico virtual, lo que les ayudará a minimizar los impactos en la comunidad.
  • "Sobre la base de la cooperación estratégica alcanzada con Bentley, completamos el diseño colaborativo en 3D del proyecto, la optimización de esquemas y la entrega digital con ayuda del software y las soluciones de modelado BIM de Bentley. Utilizamos la tecnología BIM para resolver muchos los complejos difíciles que surgen en el proceso de promoción de los proyectos, lo que ha redundado en nuestra reputación y más oportunidades de proyectos en este campo".

    Cheng Peng Asistente del presidente de FHCC CCCC First Highway Consultants, Co, Ltd