OpenWindPower is a structural analysis and design application for fixed and floating offshore wind farms. OpenWindPower interoperates with piping, geotechnical, and structural analysis and design applications to minimize design and operation risk by automating data-exchange workflows among disciplines. Here are some of the great new features offered.

Improve Data Integration

OpenWindPower integrates smoothly with industry-standard solvers like GH Bladed and FAST to ensure fully coupled structural, hydrodynamic, and aeroelastic analysis. Furthermore, adding wind and wave loads provides a detailed assessment of the structures fatigue and strength life.

Ensure fully coupled structural, hydrodynamic, and aeroelastic analysis, together with combinations of wind and wave loads.

Design and analyze floating platforms

Work from a common data model for complex floating platforms to perform hydrodynamic analysis of floating turbine foundations, while accounting for the mooring layout. Achieve a complete structural assessment based on the resulting accelerations, RAOs (Response Amplitude Operator), and time history panel pressures.

Accommodate floating wind turbines constructed in deep water.

Optimized monopile design

New integration with PLAXIS MoDeTo optimizes designs for monopile foundations and reduces the amount of steel required. This offers significant project savings by not only reducing the steel cost, but minimizes fabrication, transportation, and installation expenses.

Integration with PLAXIS MoDeTo optimizes designs for monopile foundations and reduces steel costs and installation expenses.

Predict and optimize asset performance

Integration with iTwinServices enables users to visualize and collaborate on the 3D wind turbine model, check design status, perform analysis and risk mitigation, and generate insights.

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