• OpenWindPower Floating Platform

    The strength to deliver renewable energy

OpenWindPower Floating Platform

Explore design alternatives for safe, cost effective floating wind farm structures with OpenWindPower Floating Platform. Save time with comprehensive automated tools for determining hydrodynamic, aerodynamic and structural loading. Reduce runtime by distributing frequency and time domain analyses across multiple cores, either on a single machine or across a local network grid.

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  • Analyze floating systems

    • Automate analyses using the MOSES simulation language to define environmental conditions, specify mooring configurations, and run integrated solvers in a unified environment. Ensure system response is within defined limits over a range of operating conditions.
  • Garantice la conformidad para los códigos de diseño offshore

    • Garantice el cumplimiento estructural utilizando el control integrado. Filtre los resultados para condiciones críticas. Optimice el diseño y la configuración para cumplir con numerosos códigos internacionales actuales y pasados, incluidos API, AISC, EC, ISO, DNV y Norsok. Entregue documentación conforme.
  • Model Floating Platforms

    • Create complex 3D models for any platform using wizards and interactive sketch tools. Systematically explore design alternatives by making measured changes to your models with easy-to-use-tools. Apply transformations to increase the productivity of your initial design process.