• AssetWise Digital Twin Services

    Proporcione rápidamente un gemelo digital activo

Servicios de gemelos digitales para el rendimiento de activos y redes

Los operadores propietarios y sus cadenas de suministro deben administrar datos e información de múltiples fuentes y formatos, así como mostrarlos de una manera fácil de visualizar, analizar y comprender para que pueda tomar decisiones rápidas y fundamentadas. Los AssetWise Digital Twin Services proporcionan visibilidad y análisis detallados para apoyar la toma de decisiones oportuna utilizando un enfoque de gemelos digitales. Permite que la representación digital, los componentes digitales y la cronología digital brinden un rendimiento mejorado de los activos de infraestructura.


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  • iTwin Immersive Asset Service

    • iTwin Immersive Asset Service provides immersive visualization and analytics visibility. The rich, interactive 4D digital twin context improves decision-making that sustains and enhances infrastructure asset performance. Its cloud and web services enable owner-operators to make infrastructure engineering information accessible and comprehensible to a wider population.
  • AssetWise 4D Analytics

    • AssetWise 4D Analytics uses advanced analytics and machine learning to provide insights into current conditions and trends, which helps you predict future performance. Data sources can include any information accessible to AssetWise, including inspections, work history, and extremely large data sets such as those from IoT devices. Extensive graphing and dashboarding capabilities allow results to be understood in the context of a digital twin.
  • AssetWise Linear Analytics

    • Traditionally, the complexity of linear assets makes it difficult to visualize and understand the vast quantity of data associated with these types of networks. AssetWise Linear Analytics takes data from many observed sources and aligns it, with engineering fidelity, to location and time on a linear network. Once aligned, users can identify trends and anomalies within rail or road networks using a library of linear network-aware data processing rules. AssetWise Linear Analytics includes visualization dashboards that provide users with instant access to all data at any location on the network.
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