See LumenRT in Action

Forget waiting minutes or hours to produce a traditional static rendering of your design. See for yourself how you can immerse your designs within a realistic lifelike setting in an always-rendered environment. If you have a graphics card with a graphics processing unit (GPU), try the LumenRT trial for yourself. If not, send us a model and we’ll send you back a completed LumenRT LiveCube. See videos of LumenRT visualizations.

  • Request your complimentary trial

    Try LumenRT for yourself. Request this complimentary trial and discover how easily and quickly you can produce cinematic visualizations. Recommended for use on high-performance computers, ideally with graphics processing units. Limited content libraries are included.



  • See Your 3D Model in LumenRT

    Send us your 3D model and we will create a LumenRT LiveCube and email you a link to see how rich your models can look in a real-time simulated environment.