Our Core Values direct our areas of giving

At Bentley, we use our resources, talents, and influence to impact the environment and quality of life responsibly and positively around the world. The Bentley family has always led by being an example of giving back and volunteering. We, the colleagues of Bentley, believe in the power of a connected community, and through this connection comes unity of passion, motivation, and innovation.


We are motivated by the ability to leverage our corporate resources to help our communities globally.


We support innovation by encouraging colleagues to designate corporate funds to their choice of STEM initiatives.


We are passionate about giving back to communities and organizations and seeing the positive direct impact.


We are connected through our desire to give back to our communities and to each other, building lasting bonds.


We are responsible by supporting global organizations that provide assistance for an improved quality of life.

Stories of Impact

Since the company’s inception, Bentley and its colleagues have embraced a culture of being good neighbors and giving back to communities in need throughout the world. Through corporate giving, we strive to make a positive impact for people worldwide by focusing on humanitarian efforts, giving to the community, and partnering with organizations that are infrastructure-aligned and have STEM initiatives.

Colleagues Empowered to Give Back

Empowering our colleagues to help make impactful change and support our local and global communities.

Bentley Impact

Bentley Impact Day

We are proud of the personal and lifelong impact that Bentley colleagues have on the people and communities around them. Colleagues are encouraged to use the Bentley Impact Day to participate in a day of service or to organize an activity or event with other Bentley colleagues.

Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Relief Matching Program.

We understand the importance of being involved in our local communities throughout the world. Bentley matches donations made by colleagues to relief organizations that are helping those impacted by natural disasters.

Socially responsible companies care about more than the bottom line. They use their resources and influence to positively impact the environment, their employees, and the world.