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    Spatial nexus of the utilities enterprise

Stadtwerke Waldkirch GmbH | GIS Cooperation Project Between Multi-Utility Stadtwerke and City of Waldkirch | Germany

Utilities GIS Solution

Intelligent network models are vital for the efficient operation of your utilities networks. Maintain, manage, analyze, and publish intelligent network models, maps, and related data with a GIS solution for desktop, web, and mobile devices. Work with built-in configurable network models for electric, gas, water, wastewater, district energy, and communications systems. Employ design and analysis applications that include engineering and GIS capabilities for network tracing, analysis, reporting, and utility map and drawing production.
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  • Access utilities drawings, documents, models, and maps

    • Access detailed network data without the need for a design application. Employ a disconnected workflow to ensure data access without a server connection. Use or modify preconfigured, discipline-specific data models to view combined electric and gas or water and wastewater network data.
  • Analyze and visualize utilities networks

    • Use GIS tools to create buffers, overlays, joins, thematic maps, dynamic labels, reports, and queries. Perform radial, upstream/downstream, shortest/multiple/redundant path traces for flow, conduit, and cathodic protection networks. Analyze and report on leaks for an area or the entire network.
  • Integrate with utility operational systems

    • ​Maximize the ROI of your utilities network model through integration with outage management, distribution management, mobile workforce management, and enterprise asset management. Ensure consistent network information across systems and optimize business and operations processes to deliver a more reliable network.
  • Maintain utilities network models and maps

    • Employ a full-featured utilities GIS based on the proven Bentley OpenCities Map platform. Speed edits with intelligent GIS features and automated tools that apply your standards and business rules. Use the tight integration between your design system and GIS to avoid rework and ensure accurate as-built status.
  • Review and redline network models and maps

    • Perform markups in the field or the office​​. Add notes, record actions, and depict as-built status on digital maps. Return redlines to engineering and mapping departments for increased network model precision. Review and redline from the field without a wireless connection.
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  • ProjectWise Design Integration
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    ProjectWise Design Integration

    Accelerate information worksharing and content reuse for multi-discipline design coordination and collaboration.

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    Project Team

  • Bentley OpenUtilities Designer
    Product Summary OpenUtilities Designer
    OpenUtilities Designer

    Speed your utility design with the precision of MicroStation-based layout tools. Cut costs when you design and manage your network in one application.

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  • Bentley Fiber
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    Bentley Fiber

    Design and document your fiber network faster in Bentley Fiber. Layout and verify FTTx, HFC, and other architectures fast in an engineering GIS.

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    Communications Network Engineer

  • Bentley Inside Plant
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    Bentley Inside Plant

    Quickly design and document headends, points of presence, central offices, data centers, and other inside plant network assets.

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