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    Transportation Inspection

    Maximize safety and compliance

Transportation Inspection Solution

Capture and monitor operational information for bridges, tunnels, roads, and highways as part of an asset management program to maintain a safe operating network. Bentley’s Transportation Inspection solution provides an established and efficient environment for you to inspect and manage your asset infrastructure inventory to meet rigorous national and agency standards.
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  • Collect transportation asset details

    • Locate infrastructure assets and collect asset details on your transportation assets. Speed your inspection and reporting processes and improve the efficiency of your staff by using GPS to pinpoint your location and determine when you are near the asset being collected or inspected.
  • Analyze transportation inspection and maintenance information

    • ​Generate quantifiable information from your transportation inspection and maintenace data, including all transportation infrastructure assets, to support asset lifecycle decisions.
  • Assess transportation infrastructure conditions

    • ​Extract critical data, generated through your transportation inspection program, in order to assess conditions associated with all of your transportation assets. Easily find and extract the data required from your executive dashboard to quickly review critical information.
  • Manage transportation maintenance processes

    • ​Ensure that your transportation assets are providing a safe and reliable infrastructure for the traveling public. Easily track both historical data and inspection information to plan, schedule, and manage your transportation maintenance program.
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