• Wastewater Collection Networks - Efficient treatment and discharge of wastewater

    Wastewater Collection Networks

    Efficient and safe conveyance of wastewater

Sanitary, Combined, Trunk, Lateral, Outfall

Wastewater collection networks are used to safely collect and convey water from domestic, industrial, and commercial waste discharges to centralized wastewater treatment plants without compromising the health of communities and the environment. 

Whether your business is to design and construct wastewater collection networks, or ensure the ongoing operation and maintenance of wastewater collection infrastructure, Bentley provides the solution for supporting the lifecycle.

    • Sanitary Sewer Evaluation and I/I Reduction Study, Gallery
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Wastewater Book
Wastewater Collection System Modeling and Design guides you through the model-building process and the practical application of models to address real-world challenges.
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