Multi-discipline Site Planning and Design

    Optimized site utilization and improvement

Multi-discipline Site Planning and Design Solution

Land acquisition and site planning influences building, civil, transportation, industrial, and utility infrastructure projects. Site design requires documenting and analyzing legal boundaries, utility locations, transportation access, and environmental impact zones. Your projects will benefit from methods to optimize building placement, calculate earth movement, and design utility networks. 
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  • Acquire and manage geotechnical surveys

    • Improve your project efficiency by streamlining repetitive processes and eliminating the need to enter redundant geotechnical data. Easily access and manage soil boring information to improve your engineering decision-making process.
  • Design utilities and roads

    • ​Layout and engineer utility and road infrastructure in a common data environment to improve coordination on your projects. Combine survey data and terrain modeling to visualize your design. Use design tools that automate cost estimating and integrate with enterprise geospatial information systems.
  • Develop master site plan

    • ​Compose aerial imagery, digital terrain models, land use maps, and transportation layouts to develop a base model of your project site to begin the design process. Evaluate land use alternatives with thematic maps illustrating building placements, parking, roadway access, and land use.
  • Generate conceptual site layout

    • Generate multiple site design options with associated costs in hours not days. Create parking lots, streets, sidewalks, and other options with auto-drawing tools. You can quickly look at different design scenarios for commercial, industrial, campus, or residential projects to optimize site layout.
  • Model and analyze terrain

    • Create intelligent models containing not only terrain data but also roadway or site features. You can use features to visually distinguish structure, appearance, and symbology in the design.
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  • Bentley Navigator
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    Bentley Navigator

    Get better insight into information within the context of 3D models to make better decisions throughout the lifecycle, in the office, field, or on-site.

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  • ProjectWise Design Integration
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    ProjectWise Design Integration

    Accelerate information worksharing and content reuse for multi-discipline design coordination and collaboration.

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  • ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards
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    ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards

    Increase transparency with key performance indicators to evaluate project and contractor performance.

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  • ProjectWise Edge
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    ProjectWise Edge

    View, analyze and approve the most current project data from anywhere, anytime.

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