• Mine Surveying

    Faster insight on your mining operations

Mine Surveying Solution

The extraction of mineral resources must be accurately monitored and compared to plan to maximize production and resource utilization. 

Our Mine Surveying solution features a comprehensive survey environment for underground and surface mining. Quickly capture and integrate survey data from survey sensors and hardware. Render a 3D as-mined model to compare and validate planned extraction.

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  • Plan underground mines

    • Enable on-the-fly planning when you extend MineCycle Designer with third-party scheduling and resource evaluation software. Use the single planning environment to greatly shorten planning cycles. Create more optimal plans with quick feedback on each design choice.
  • Survey surface mines

    • ​Perform open-pit progressive survey. Apply standard adjustment methods such as least squares, compass rule, Crandall, and transit. Report stockpile volumes over any period and include multiple stockpiles in a single survey. Import and edit terrain files and perform basic haul road design.
  • Survey underground mines

    • ​Complete electronic survey and re-survey using data from instruments or paper field books. Apply standard adjustment methods such as least squares, compass rule, Crandall, and transit. Perform all required operations for pegs, tapes, and offsets and create reports for compliance and development.
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  • ProjectWise Design Integration
    Product Summary ProjectWise Design Integration
    ProjectWise Design Integration

    Accelerate information worksharing and content reuse for multi-discipline design coordination and collaboration.

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    Project Team

  • Bentley Pointools
    Product Summary stub_MollerCentre_1
    Bentley Pointools

    Powerful and fast point-cloud visualization and editing software.

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  • Descartes
    Product Summary stub-mrb-north-east-lidar-photo-match

    Ensure your project has accurate real-world representation using proven imaging and point-cloud technology to enhance your infrastructure workflow.

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    Mining Engineer


    GIS Professional

  • MineCycle Designer
    Product Summary stub_000025297752
    MineCycle Designer

    Optimize your mine plan as you design with on-the-fly scheduling and evaluation.

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    Mining Engineer

  • MineCycle Survey
    Product Summary stub_minecycleSurvey
    MineCycle Survey

    Make better planning and operations decisions with more current as-mined data.

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  • ContextCapture Center
    Product Summary Image courtesy of City of Helsinki
    ContextCapture Center

    Quickly generate high-fidelity 3D models of any size for use in design, construction, and operations workflows with photos and/or point clouds.

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  • Project Team

  • Mining Engineer

  • Surveyor

  • GIS Professional